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Wedding Cake

This cake was something totally different for me, something out of my comfort zone I guess you could say.  It was a challenge that I enjoyed. The bride and groom were a lovely young couple who wanted something different, not standard fondant covered cake and wanted the rough look, I guess you might call it.  They showed me a few different designs/styles they liked and this was the end result.

A three tiered mud cake (peppermint, citrus & passionfruit).  Each tier was covered with white chocolate ganache then decorated with white chocolate shards.  The florist topped each layer with some flowers matching the brides posie.

The chocolate shards were hand made and this was a challenge on it’s own! Working with very fine chocolate with the temperature rising was a delicate job.  I had to move quickly!

I was happy with the end result and the flowers just finished it perfectly!

Tiff & David’s Wedding Cake

This weekend I made a wedding cake for Tiff & David.  A topsy turvy three tiered square cake was the plan.  The colour theme was purple and champagne.  This cake involved a lot of firsts for me, my first fondant covered topsy turvy.  I had made a smaller topsy tuvy cake for my son’s birthday as a trial for this cake however this time decided on a different method for a sturdier cake.  This time I cut out each tier for the tier above to sit in, allowing for a much sturdier cake and still that topsy turvy look.  I also had two new flavoured cakes in there at the request of the bride..I’m not one to say no to trying a different cake!!! ;)  I now have two new flavours to add to the flavours list!  The bottom tier was a jaffa mud (newbie :) ) made with dark chocolate, cointreau and orange juice = YUMMY! This tier was decorated in two shades of purple and champagne fondant stripes.  The middle tier was passionfruit mud (the other newbie) made with white chocolate and passionfruit pulp = YUMMY AGAIN!! (my new fave!!).  This tier was decorated in champagne coloured fondant with a quilted pattern and purple sugar pearls.  The top tier was peppermint mud made with dark chocolate and peppermint essence.  This tier was decorated with a light purple coloured fondant and hand piped champagne coloured hearts.  Three awesomely flavoured cakes :)  The initial toppers were made by the bride herself, adding the pefect top!  This was also the first time that I had travelled with a tiered cake in pieces and assembled on site.  I am so pleased I decided to do it this way as it provided so much ease in travel (three boxes sitting flat in the back of my car) and avoided a lot of stress wondering if it was OK.  As the cake travelled approximately 30km, doing it in pieces was really the only way to go!  The reception venue looked gorgeous and I think the cake colours matched the venue perfectly.  Congratulations Tiff & David!!! <3

Sandy’s Baby Shower

Here we have two awesomely yummy petite cuppies for a baby shower in a mixture of green, blue and pink cases.  First we have banana and macadamia cuppies with chocolate buttercream frosting and topped with a macadamia nut.  Second we have vanilla cuppies with passionfruit vanilla frosting and topped with a gold cashous.  Both these cakes tasted devine!! (Of course I had to sample them first to make sure they were good! :P)

The mum to be loved them, just what she had asked for and were apparently a hit at the shower.  Can’t wait to meet the little bubba when he or she arrives!! :)