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A Princess Party

Being a mother of two boys, girly cakes are not something I get to do too often, so I was very excited to be asked to create the princess cake.  It was my first dolly varden cake so I was a little nervous.

I baked a white chocolate mud cake in my new tin.  Getting the amount of mixture right was a bit of a challenge bu the amount I made was pretty close.  Levelling this cake also proved a little tricky.  The cake was covered in white chocolate ganache then covered with a pretty pink fondant, what else for a little princess! The princess head and torso was placed into the cake.  I made the princess a little crown from wire and beads and also a necklace (obviously this part of the cake is not for eating!) Her gown was decorated with royal icing which I piped on.  I enjoyed every minute of this cake! They also had some white chocolate mud cup cakes to accompany the cake.

Cocktail Cake

Last weekend I was busy with two cakes.  The first one was a cocktail cake.  I was asked to create a cake for a cocktail party. Firstly I must give recognition to my inspiration behind this cake.  This cake was not my own design, I found a picture of a cake by Pauline Clifford of “Truelovecakes” and this gave me the inspiration for this cake. My client loved Pauline’s cake also. Thank you Pauline, I have enjoyed recreating your cake!

This cake is a 25cm dark chocolate mud cake, covered in dark chocolate ganache and pink fondant.  I applied some pink shimmer to the fondant to give it a lovely glimmering look. The glass is a real cocktail glass which is filled with fondant balls, some home made bling and pink osterich feathers.  The girl has been hand modelling using modelling paste.

I made twelve dark chocolate cupcakes to accompany this cake with pink buttercream frosting and some pearl cashous for decoration.

This was a really fun cake to make! I had a bit of drama with my hand modelled girl, he leg fell off and I had to recreate on the morning the cake was being picked up which was a little nerve racking but we got there in the end!

Hope you enjoyed your cake and your cocktail party Lydia! :)

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’ve been quite fascinated by these so called “Red Velvet” Cakes that are all the rage in the states.  So I started investigating, what is so great about this cake???

“A red velvet cake is a popular cake with a dark red, bright red or red-brown colour. It is usually prepared as a layer cake topped with a creamy vanilla icing or most popularly, cream cheese icing. The reddish-brown color of the cake was originally from a reaction of the cocoa powder with an acidic ingredient such as buttermilk; however, red food coloring is often added.” Reference from Wikipedia.

OK, so I ask a few people I know had they tried it.  The response being that everyone had heard of it but never tasted it.  Right, I at this point decided that we would wonder no more and test this baby out.  Cream cheese frosting, well an absolute favourite with my sweet tooth!

Let’s get to it, red cases just had to be used for red velvet cake right! This was my feeling anyway, a perfect match.  I prepared the cake mixture and placed 12 cupcakes in the oven.  I was a little intreged with what red velvet would taste like, using both vanilla extract and a little cocoa. Whilst I waited anxiously for these little beauties to cook, I watched with amazement at the stunning red colour of these cakes.  They looked fabulous!

Whilst the cakes cooled, I prepared, what in my eyes, is the yummiest frosting out, Cream Cheese!!! I piped the frosting on and decorated with some little red hearts. (I’m starting to sound American now, saying frosting all the time ;) ) After cleaning up and taking a few shots of these little babies, I just had to taste test…….YUMMO!! What a gorgeous cake, so light and fluffy then topped with that yummy icing.  It was just devine!  I took a couple around to a few of my taste testers and took one into work for my assistant to try.  Unfortunately one of my usual taste testers missed out as they were just too good.  I’ll have to make you some more Donna!!

My personal review of Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting = Delicious, will definately be adding this to my list of available flavours!

Rainbow and Elephant themed 50th Birthday

How exciting! A rainbow and elephant themed 50th Birthday Party!  My client was after cupcakes and a top cake, my first of this kind so I was very excited indeed!  This cake created some challenges for me and the biggest one was the stand.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do, I even got an early anniversary gift of a table saw. Yes, you read right, a table saw!  I was so excited to get my own big power tool!  I can now make all my own cake boards to the size I want and need them!  So after a crash course on how to use my new table saw from my husband, I got to it (mind you, I had to be supervised as he was a little unsure about leaving me alone with it :) ) I got straight to some cake boards in varying sizes.  So, challange number one of how to cut boards was solved, now for challange number two: what size boards did I need to hold 90 cupcakes?? The best way to tell was to lay out cases on each board and see.  I now knew what size boards would best suit my job so next came challange number three: How was I going to cover them?? This was an exciting part for me.  I had it all planned out, found some awesome paper to cover them in and some ribbon for the edges.  After the first board I decided the PVA glue was not the best option for this job as it left great big wet marks and looked terrible even though I had used it sparingly.  So out came the kids glue stick, to avoid the wet wrinkled effect, I covered the entire board with glue and thought I would cover it like contact.  This was a much better option but still not perfect.  I have now invested in some spray on glue (quite a hefty fee) however my hubby thinks this will do the trick! OK so boards are cut and covered, challange number four: How was I going to tier the stand together so it was stable?  Well my plan was to use foam in between each tier which would have worked if I was able to cut the foam easily and to the sizes that I wanted so hubby to the rescue again! He made me some wooden cross pieces to support each tier.  Stand constructed!!

Now for the cakes.  The topper cake was a 15cm white chocolate mud which I coloured in six colours of the rainbow.  I layered the different colours into the pan which gave a fabulous rainbow effect once cooked.  This cake was covered in white chocolate ganache then in white fondant.  I hand modelled an elephant for the top of the cake along with a rainbow to go over the elephants head.  To finish off this cake I added a simple ribbon.

90 rainbow cupcakes with elephant toppers! Creating 50 elephant heads was first up. A few hours later, this job was complete.  Now to make the cupcakes.  These cupcakes were vanilla flavour and all rainbow coloured, the same as the topper cake. I enlisted the help of my eldest boy for this part.  He was my main colourer, colouring each batch of cake mix in a different colour.  We then spooned spoonfuls of the mixture into each case and baked.  Each cake was topped with vanilla buttercream frosting which was rainbow coloured also.

My first big project of this kind was complete! I’ve had lovely feedback from this cake and it can be read on the testimonials page.  Hope you had a great birthday Lyndi :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes

This weekend a good friend of mine hosted her annual GNI (Girl’s Night In) to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.  Kim lost her mother to breast cancer when she was a young teenager.  Kim’s mother was a lovely, lovely lady who was close to my heart aswell, she treated me like her own daughter.  She is missed and thought of each and every day!  Kim has always involved herself in fundraising events and has made the GNI an annual event.  Kim not only aims to raise as much money as she can for such a deserving cause but also wants to educate and spread breast cancer awareness to help as many people as possible.  She does a great job each year and her mum would be very proud of her efforts!  I was unable to attend the GNI again this year so decided to donate some cupcakes to either be auctioned off or used in what ever way Kim thought best.  I piped some pink ribbons, then made a batch of chocolate and white chocolate mud cupcakes, in pink cases of course!  I topped the chocolate ones with white vanilla buttercream frosting and the white chocolate mud with pink strawberry buttercream frosting.  Each cupcake was then topped with a pink ribbon and three gold cashous.  I packaged them in boxes of six. I hope all the lovely ladies had a fabulous PINK day!!!

If you wish to help this great cause you can donate via the Girls Night In website :)

13th Birthday Cupcakes

Last weekend my nephew celebrated his 13th birthday and his mum thought he should have some yummy cupcakes, after all, Aunty Christee-Lee does make the best cakes hehe :P .  I made a variety of flavours for the 3 dozen cupcakes.  We had chocolate mud, peppermint mud, white chocolate mud, white chocolate and raspberry swirl, marbelled white and chocolate mud and a new experiment chocolate hokey pokey mud. Each cake was decorated in the same or similar flavoured buttercream frosting and sprinkles of the key flavour of the cake.  I hope you loved your cakes and had a great birthday Bish! x


Last week’s cakes

I’ve had quite a busy couple of week’s and have therefore been very slack with updating the site.  I have two cakes to show you from last week.  One was a very special cake made for my dear old nan’s 90th birthday and the other was 16 mini spongebob cakes for a three year old’s birthday.

Queen Bee Nan's 90thSo starting with Nan’s cake.  We have always spoke of Nan being the “Queen Bee” of our family, with six children of her own plus grandchildren, great grandchildren and even her first great great grandchild on the way!! At family gatherings she will sit back and take it all in and appreciate the lovely big family she has created hence the name “Queen Bee”.  I thought it would be perfect to create a cake around this theme and decided on a beehive shaped cake with the Queen Bee on top and all her little bees around the hive.  I had initially planned to have this the traditional yellow beehive, bees etc however my Aunties informed me they were having a lilac, silver and black theme for her party.  OK so now I was thinking of scratching the whole Queen Bee Nan's 90thbeehive idea and thinking of going something totally different to fit in with their colour scheme until my mum suggested being a little creative, sticking with my theme and making small changes to fit in with the colour scheme.  So, a lilac beehive it is!!! on a silver board with little silver and black bees.  I decided to keep the Queen Bee yellow and black and gave her a silver crown and star wand.  The actual beehive cake was made from three tiers of round mud cakes, Cherry Ripe mud, caramel mud and white chocolate mud.  Each tier was separated with a thin board for ease of serving and allowing a choice of cake flavour for all guests.  I was happy with the end result and hope that Nan liked it too! Happy Birthday Nan, Love you xxxxx

Mini Spongebob CakesMy next project for the weekend was 16 mini Spongebob Square Pants cakes.  Someone had seen the Spongebob Cake I had made for my niece a few weeks earlier and had a nephew who was also Spongebob mad.  She thought a few mini Spongebob cakes would be the perfect gift for this little three year old and his little friends.  To make these, the cake was the easy part.  A vanilla slab cake which I devided into 16 mini rectangles.  The hard part was covering each of these little fellows with a thin layer of ganache then creating mini Spongebobs with coloured fondant.  This little excercise took HOURS!!! but was well worth the effort!  They looked a treat all set out on the board, the client was happy and hopefully her little nephew was too! :)