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2014 Update

Wow, it has been quite a long time since I have updated my website!  Unfortunately, I can not do it with ease from my IPad, so makes it difficult, meaning updates have been few and far between! But, rest assured, I am still here!

A few important changes you all should know:

– Change of mobile number.  I will be deleting my phone number from this website as the number listed here is no longer active.  The best way to contact me now is via email: christee-lee@brakel.com.au or via the contact page on this site.

– Facebook.  Christee-Lee Cakes is on Facebook.  This Facebook page is updated regularly so be sure to pop on by and like my page so my updates appear in your newsfeed :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christee-Lee-Cakes/128467890544452

- Flickr – Christee-Lee Cakes is also on Flickr.  Check out my Flickr page for a great way to see my pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/christee-leecakes

2014 is already looking to be busy, with quite a few cakes already produced and a few more bookings already taken for throughout the year! A couple of wedding cakes this year so keep your eye out for those ones, along with many birthdays and a few engagements too!  All of these plus my day job and mothering duties, keeps me very busy!  Wouldn’t change it though, love my family, my job and caking is my creative outlet and stress reliever (most of the time ;) )

I will try and update my photos today.

I wish you all the best for 2014!! xx

Wedding Cake

This cake was something totally different for me, something out of my comfort zone I guess you could say.  It was a challenge that I enjoyed. The bride and groom were a lovely young couple who wanted something different, not standard fondant covered cake and wanted the rough look, I guess you might call it.  They showed me a few different designs/styles they liked and this was the end result.

A three tiered mud cake (peppermint, citrus & passionfruit).  Each tier was covered with white chocolate ganache then decorated with white chocolate shards.  The florist topped each layer with some flowers matching the brides posie.

The chocolate shards were hand made and this was a challenge on it’s own! Working with very fine chocolate with the temperature rising was a delicate job.  I had to move quickly!

I was happy with the end result and the flowers just finished it perfectly!

A Smurfy 40th Birthday!

Last weekend my sister in law celebrated her 40th Birthday.  She loves smurfs and in particular Papa Smurf o a Papa Smurf cake it is!  I’ve never made a Papa Smurf cake before and this entire cake has been freehand! (Just a little bit proud of myself :) )

I started with finding a picture of Papa Smurf on the internet.  I used some baking paper and traced the size of the pan I wished to use.  In this case I started with a 28 x 22cm rectangle, however felt this was a little too small so added and extra half of the same size.  With the cake size decided and baking paper cut to this size, I got to sketching my template of Papa Smurf.  Now, generally I wouldn’t class myself as much of a drawer, although, even if I do say so myself…. I did well! Happy with my sketch, I cut out my template for Papa Smurf.  I baked two 28 x 22cm rectangle mudcakes (chocolate and caramel swirl).

With two cakes baked, I placed the template on and cut the cakes to shape and then ganached with chocolate ganache and put in the fridge to harden.  Next step was making the cake board.  After positioning the cake onto the covered cake board, I covered the cake with fondant and added the extra bits and pieces to make my cake look like Papa Smurf.  A few hours later and Papa Smurf was done!  The board was finished off with some funky lettering.

I have a little bit of a fascination with cake pops at the moment (even though, I had previously told myself that I wouldn’t)  I thought, how cute would little smurf cake pops be!  I’ve never used the candy melts before so decided to give them a go.  I had a few of these crack on me almost instantly, so I’m not sure what I did wrong there but after about 5, I seemed to have mastered it.  I used white chocolate mudcake and cream cheese frosting for these cake pops and I must say…..YUMMO!!! Each of these little smurfs has a hand modelled fondant hat, fondant nose, ears and eyes.  Very fiddly and time consuming but I was completely happy with these little fellas.  Once indiviually wrapped and presented in a glass jar, they looked great. My 7 year old also enjoyed helping with these ones (we had a couple with pinocchio noses lol)

This cake made a four hour car trip to get to it’s destination and all in one piece!  My sister-in-law loved her cake and little cake pops :)


Cocktail Cake

Last weekend I was busy with two cakes.  The first one was a cocktail cake.  I was asked to create a cake for a cocktail party. Firstly I must give recognition to my inspiration behind this cake.  This cake was not my own design, I found a picture of a cake by Pauline Clifford of “Truelovecakes” and this gave me the inspiration for this cake. My client loved Pauline’s cake also. Thank you Pauline, I have enjoyed recreating your cake!

This cake is a 25cm dark chocolate mud cake, covered in dark chocolate ganache and pink fondant.  I applied some pink shimmer to the fondant to give it a lovely glimmering look. The glass is a real cocktail glass which is filled with fondant balls, some home made bling and pink osterich feathers.  The girl has been hand modelling using modelling paste.

I made twelve dark chocolate cupcakes to accompany this cake with pink buttercream frosting and some pearl cashous for decoration.

This was a really fun cake to make! I had a bit of drama with my hand modelled girl, he leg fell off and I had to recreate on the morning the cake was being picked up which was a little nerve racking but we got there in the end!

Hope you enjoyed your cake and your cocktail party Lydia! :)

A 60th Cowboy Hat Cake

This weekend I created a cowboy hat cake.  At first I shied away from this as it seemed a little difficult, I then did a bit of research and thought it was definitely do-able so gave it a go.  A definite challenging cake for me!

The client wanted this cake covered in ganache rather than fondant as they are not keen on fondant. The rim of the hat was my first challenge.  I decided to use modelling paste for this as I needed it to hold its shape and there was no way I would be able to get ganache to do this.  The second was getting the modelling paste to match the colour of the ganache.  I coloured that modelling paste for hours trying to get it right but it just wasn’t going to happen.  I rolled out the paste and cut out the shape I required for the rim and left it to set.

I baked two cakes; a chocolate mud and a caramel mud both 28cm rectangles (I needed to feed a fair few people).  First problem was here; the first cake I baked cooked perfectly until about 1/2 hour before I was due to take it out, it sank in the middle…ARGH!!!! Research time! Why did it do that?? I’ve noticed it does happen to me quite often in my bigger cakes and after a little research I found a secret that I had to try. I used a flower needle in the next cake to act as a heating core.  I’ve never wanted to use heating cores, as the size of them scare me.  What a big hole to be in the middle of your cake!  I know that you are supposed to fill the centre of the core with mixture and that it should fit nicely into the hole but I’ve just never been game to try it.  So, when I read about the flower needle, I thought this was the perfect solution and it really was! The next cake cooked perfectly!

I had a few pictures of the particular cake I was to replicate.  I drew myself a template and got cracking.  I cut the oval shape from the bottom cake and left this one as is.  The top cake, I also cut to the same shape but it needed to be shaped like the hat.  This was also a little scary.  Making the first cut.  I sculpted away, until I thought it resembled the pictures provided. I crumb coated and put in the fridge to set.

Next came giving it a good coat of ganache and really trying to master that shape.  I sculpted quite a bit more at this point trying to get it right.  I placed it onto the rim and gave it some finishing touches.  I was happy with it to start with until my kids started telling me it looked like a boat on brown water!? I then got a little nervous! An after thought once the cake was complete was that I should have modelled the rim with chocolate.  That would have been awesome! I hope the client liked it :)


Daimien’s 30th Birthday Cake

My family had a gathering this weekend in order to celebrate having five generations together and photograph such a memorable occasion.  We also incorporated my brother’s 30th and niece’s 21st both of which will occur over the next two weeks.  Of course I made a cake for each of them :)

My brother is a bit of a fitness freak so thought that something to do with weight lifting was the go for his cake.  I went with a square white chocolate and raspberry swirl cake covered with white chocolate ganache and white fondant.  I decorated the cake with blue and black stars and 30’s.  The cake topper was hand modelled (I’m still learning to model people so he is a little dodgy hehe) replica of my brother (including receding hairline lol) checking out his muscles and a couple of hand weights.

Happy 30th Daimo!

I’ve Joined the Cake Pop Craze!

That’s right, I’ve been biten by the cake pop bug and I think I love them!  Cake pops are awesome!  At Christmas time my niece and I had a go at some Christmas truffle pops which is basically the same thing but using a truffle recipe instead of cake.

Coming up to Easter and having just done Tahnee’s cake, I had the tops of the cakes left over and some ganache so thought…..why not try some cake pops?  Man, I’m glad I did!  I originally thought they would be sickly sweet and honestly I wouldn’t want to eat more than one but they are definately worth it!

Using the tops of the cakes I already had, I made boysenberry & peppermint cake pops.  The process was easy.  Crumble up the cake, mix with some ganache (a little at a time so you don’t add too much).  Once the mixture holds together nicely, roll into desired shapes, place on a board and refrigerate.  I left mine in the fridge for a few hours so they were nice and firm.  I then melted white chocolate for the boysenberry ones and dark chocolate for the peppermint ones.  I placed a lolly pop stick into the ball of cake pop (using a little melted chocolate on the end to hold the stick in place), covered the ball in melted chocolate and covered with desired decorations.  I used every sprinkle I had in my house (which is a little exciting because I can now go and buy some more for next time around ;) )

As I already mentioned, the end result, delicious!  There are plenty ( and I mean plenty!) of tutorials on the web for step by step instructions. These things are only limited to your imagination, so many designs and shapes that can be created.  They look great and taste even better! Give them a go!  Happy cake popping :) :)