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A Weekend of Cakes!!!

Eeyore CakeThis weekend was a very busy one!  A caramel mud Eeyore cake made for my sister’s birthday, a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and tractor topper for twins Matthew & Thomas, Rose cupcakes for a female birthday, vanilla lady bug cupcakes and coffee and walnut cupcakes too!  A weekend packed with cooking and decorating! Loved it!! I hope everyone enjoyed their birthday’s and most importantly their cakes!! Happy Birthday!!

Tractor Cake  Rose Cupcakes

One Response to “A Weekend of Cakes!!!”

  • Cindy Morrison:

    Cupcakes have been a hit, especially the ladybettles even though Serena is telling her classmates that her very clever mum made them. I’ll slip a few of your business cards in her lunch box so word gets around about who really makes the best ladybettles. Looking forward to deciding on a first birthday cake for our latest addition – I’m putting my order in early!

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