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Archive for August 2011

Last week’s cakes

I’ve had quite a busy couple of week’s and have therefore been very slack with updating the site.  I have two cakes to show you from last week.  One was a very special cake made for my dear old nan’s 90th birthday and the other was 16 mini spongebob cakes for a three year old’s birthday.

Queen Bee Nan's 90thSo starting with Nan’s cake.  We have always spoke of Nan being the “Queen Bee” of our family, with six children of her own plus grandchildren, great grandchildren and even her first great great grandchild on the way!! At family gatherings she will sit back and take it all in and appreciate the lovely big family she has created hence the name “Queen Bee”.  I thought it would be perfect to create a cake around this theme and decided on a beehive shaped cake with the Queen Bee on top and all her little bees around the hive.  I had initially planned to have this the traditional yellow beehive, bees etc however my Aunties informed me they were having a lilac, silver and black theme for her party.  OK so now I was thinking of scratching the whole Queen Bee Nan's 90thbeehive idea and thinking of going something totally different to fit in with their colour scheme until my mum suggested being a little creative, sticking with my theme and making small changes to fit in with the colour scheme.  So, a lilac beehive it is!!! on a silver board with little silver and black bees.  I decided to keep the Queen Bee yellow and black and gave her a silver crown and star wand.  The actual beehive cake was made from three tiers of round mud cakes, Cherry Ripe mud, caramel mud and white chocolate mud.  Each tier was separated with a thin board for ease of serving and allowing a choice of cake flavour for all guests.  I was happy with the end result and hope that Nan liked it too! Happy Birthday Nan, Love you xxxxx

Mini Spongebob CakesMy next project for the weekend was 16 mini Spongebob Square Pants cakes.  Someone had seen the Spongebob Cake I had made for my niece a few weeks earlier and had a nephew who was also Spongebob mad.  She thought a few mini Spongebob cakes would be the perfect gift for this little three year old and his little friends.  To make these, the cake was the easy part.  A vanilla slab cake which I devided into 16 mini rectangles.  The hard part was covering each of these little fellows with a thin layer of ganache then creating mini Spongebobs with coloured fondant.  This little excercise took HOURS!!! but was well worth the effort!  They looked a treat all set out on the board, the client was happy and hopefully her little nephew was too! :)