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Cindy’s Baby Shower Cupcakes

This week I made cupcakes for a baby shower.  The glowing mum to be is expecting a baby boy and wanted a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with various shades of blue icing.  The colour theme of the day was shades of blue with a little silver and white.  We therefore chose to go with two blue shades and a silver in cupcake cases.  The mum to be was not keen on the traditional baby decorations and preferred the cakes be decorated with silver and white cashous.  The end result were some great little baby boy cupcakes.  Hope your day was perfect Cindy and can’t wait to meet the little fella when he arrives! x

Sandy’s Baby Shower

Here we have two awesomely yummy petite cuppies for a baby shower in a mixture of green, blue and pink cases.  First we have banana and macadamia cuppies with chocolate buttercream frosting and topped with a macadamia nut.  Second we have vanilla cuppies with passionfruit vanilla frosting and topped with a gold cashous.  Both these cakes tasted devine!! (Of course I had to sample them first to make sure they were good! :P)

The mum to be loved them, just what she had asked for and were apparently a hit at the shower.  Can’t wait to meet the little bubba when he or she arrives!! :)


A Weekend of Cakes!!!

Eeyore CakeThis weekend was a very busy one!  A caramel mud Eeyore cake made for my sister’s birthday, a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and tractor topper for twins Matthew & Thomas, Rose cupcakes for a female birthday, vanilla lady bug cupcakes and coffee and walnut cupcakes too!  A weekend packed with cooking and decorating! Loved it!! I hope everyone enjoyed their birthday’s and most importantly their cakes!! Happy Birthday!!

Tractor Cake  Rose Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day CupcakeTomorrow is Valentine’s Day and my 7th Wedding Anniversary.  What better way to tell someone you love them than with a gorgeous little cupcake!  These cupcakes are white chocolate mud (my hubby’s favourite!) and are topped with white chocolate ganche, a chocolate heart and silver cashous.  Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary Dame xxx

First week of 2011

Well the first week of 2011 is just about complete and what a busy week it has been!  The new look website has been launched, so check it out, make some comments and share with your friends. Let us know if you happen to come across any glitches so we can fix them up!

Of course, I could let the first week of 2011 go by without making some cakes!!! My cousin arrived in town this week with her husband and two littlies and we have not seen each other in quite a few years.  It was great to catch up over a BBQ and of course some chocolate cupcakes for dessert! With one special cake decorated to celebrate Tippi’s birthday.

This week I’ve also been playing around with cupcake cases. 

 I just love those lace looking cases and have been dying to try them out.  They are a little on the expensive side and in my research about the product, I came across someone who has made these cases themselves using paper doylies.  I decided to give them a try and I think they look quite sweet.  I will still be trying out the bought ones in the future. ;)

This month I plan to try out some flowers so keep an eye out for these!  If you have a need for a special cake this year, please feel free to contact me via the contact form, I would be delighted to assist!  I would like to encourage all of my customers to provide feedback on my site. Thank you :)