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New Cupcakes

I’ve had a week off work so have had a bit of time to test out some new cupcake recipes I have.  I’ve tried out three new ones this week, caramel mud, mocha and gingerbread.

Caramel Mud Cupcakes Caramel Mud – I have used this recipe before as a full sized cake and thought I’d try it out as a cupcake.  Cakes cooked well and now needed to find the perfect icing.  Plain vanilla icing/glace was suggested which I tried on just a couple.  The remaining cupcakes I decided to ice with a white chocolate icing which was personally my favourite.
Mocha Cupcakes Mocha – This is a new recipe that I thought sounded nice.  The cakes again cooked perfectly and decided to try a meringue icing for these ones.  I put a little bit of brown colour into the meringue and gave it a swirl for a little colour then piped on the meringue.
Gingerbread Cupcakes Gingerbread – Another new recipe which sounded good.  Again the cakes cooked well and as I cooked them straight after the mocha, I decided to use the remaining meringue on a few gingerbread cupcakes.  With the remaining cakes, I will ice differently this morning.  I’m thinking maybe a buttercream with some crystalised ginger on top???  Will post a picture after they are done. 

I have been very interested in the new cupcake wrappers which are around.  They look devine when done correctly!  I purchased some brown tartan ones from my local kitchen shop and thought I’d give them a go.  I have used it here on the gingerbread cupcake.

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