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My Birthday

My Birthday Cake Today I celebrated my 31st birthday in Mudgee with a few good friends and family.  I decided that my cake had to be something a little different so made 5 x 15cm square cakes.  I have been trying out a few experimental cakes of late so along with a few favourites decided on Cherry Ripe Mud, Peppermint Mud, Caramel Mud, Citrus Mud and White Chocolate Mud.

 I made them to look as though they were a pile of presents and thought this was a great way to show all the different flavours of cakes I can do.  Each cake was covered with ganache and a thin layer of fondant icing.  I chose pastel colours of pink, purple, green, yellow and light brown.  Each cake was decorated with handmade fondant shapes of flowers, stars and hearts. The top tier, I placed some handmade fondant ribbon curls, two handmade fondant flowers and the numbers “31”.

My young son Jake was very keen to help and made a few fondant shapes and numbers to place on the cake.  Everyone enjoyed the cakes and had a lovely sample of each cake to take home with them.  Thank you all for a lovely afternoon.  I’m looking forward to the next Mudgee birthday cake!!

My Birthday Cake

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