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Mum's 60th Birthday

I’ve spent many many hours over the past month or so organising a birthday party for my mum’s 60th.  I wanted her to have a spectacular cake. I decided on a three tiered square cake.  Mum loves toblerone so decided to try a toblerone mud cake. My first attempt of this flavoured cake was not so great, using a recipe I found on the internet.  I gave it another go, this time using my normal mudcake recipe and replacing the chocolate with toblerone.  This method worked fantastically producing a lovely cake. 

Using a combination of 23cm, 19cm and 15cm square tins, I produced a 23cm toblerone mud, 19cm white chocolate & 15cm citrus mud cakes.  Covered each cake with ganache then covered with a thin layer of sugarpaste.  I decided on a purple and silver theme with butterflies. I handmade mini butterlies to line the bottom of each cake and three larger butterflies, one for each tier.

I was happy with the end result as was mum. Happy 60th Mum!!

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