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Jake's 5th Birthday

Jake's 5th Birthday Cake Yesterday was Jake’s 5th Birthday and he wanted a racing car cake, Maxi to be exact, from Roary the Racing Car.  I gave him the choice of cake flavour and he chose Caramel mud so it was time to get down to business.

I decided my best option for this cake was to use a loaf tin and cut the car shape from this.  I also baked four cupcakes with the left over cake batter to use for the wheels. Using a picture of Maxi to copy from, I did a free-hand cut to get the car shape and using the cut pieces of cake to increase the height at the back.  The entire cake is covered with white chocolate ganache and a thin layer of coloured fondant.  Maxi’s hat and sunglasses are pure fondant. The rear spoiler I was unable to make from pure fondant as it just would not hold straight so I used a piece of cardboard and covered with fondant for that added strength.  The track is also made with black and white fondant.

The kids all seemed happy with the results and were all very keen to eat a wheel. :)

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Thankyou so much Christee-lee, our wedding cake so perfect and delicious and well worth the wait. We were hanging out for dessert all day! Can't wait for an excuse to order another !

Christee-Lee just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous cake. It was truly more than wonderful. I have had a few enquiries and will send them your way with a huge recommendation. Thanks again.

Thank you so much again for creating our dream cake. It was absolutely perfect and tasted delicious!

I loved my bithday cake. It was pink with a butterfly and little balls. It was yummy!