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Gum paste flowers

Calla LillyI’ve been wanting to try making gum paste flowers for quite some time but have been a little unsure of it. I purchased the basic tools such as a flower modelling tool set (including ball tool and veining tool), a few petal cutters, I used a piece of foam i had here for my foam pad and I used a couple of small plastic containers to hold my flowers until they had set. I did plenty of research on the interenet, watching and reading many tutorials.

I decided on trying a Calla Lilly first. One of my favourite flowers. I have read that a heart cutter is just as good as an actual lilly cutter so decided to use that, however, the heart cutter I had was not the size I was after so I traced around the cutter making it a bit larger and used this as a template. Using the gum paste I had previously made I put together a Calla Lilly. I made the centre a little too large but was generally happy with my first attempt.

Next up was another of my favourite flowers, the frangapani. How I love frangapanies!!! I used a frangapani cutter for this, making two different sized flowers. I discovered that I really need to purchase some decorating chalk colours to make the flowers look right. I used liquid colour which was just too intense.

Overall, I am happy with my first attempt at flower making and I will continue to improve my skills to make perfect flowers. I plan to try a rose next!

Calla Lilly Fragapani Fragapani Fragapani

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Christee-Lee, your cupcakes are truly the yummiest, and prettiest, cupcakes I've ever had! Thanks again!
Jodie, Byron Bay

Thankyou so much Christee-lee, our wedding cake so perfect and delicious and well worth the wait. We were hanging out for dessert all day! Can't wait for an excuse to order another !

Christee-Lee just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous cake. It was truly more than wonderful. I have had a few enquiries and will send them your way with a huge recommendation. Thanks again.

Love the cake, the theme is a great talking point but more importantly the cake is so nice
Damian, Mudgee