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Dame's Birthday Cake

Dame's 42nd Birthday Cake I found it really quite difficult to come up with a cake idea for my husband’s birthday. He loves poker but he had a poker cake last year so needed something different.  I decided to go with a cake decorated with Lindt chocolates (my favourite but Dame likes chocolate too!)

His favourite chocolate is white so I went with a round white chocolate mud cake and covered it with white chocolate ganache. After flicking through all my cake books, looking for inspiration, I came across a cake which had a chocolate collar and thought I’d give that a go.  I melted up some dark chocolate and made my chocolate collar and was delighted with the result.  It cracked a little near the join and had a ripple from the contact but other than that it had turned out great! Now for some colour and the fabulous Lindt truffle chocolates, yum, yum!! I topped the cake with the chocolates and wrapped a ribbon around for a little extra colour. A great little cake for the male of the house. :)

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