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Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cuppie Gifts It’s Christmas time and the Christmas cards with candy cane gifts started rolling in from all the little ones at pre-school.  A great little gift for the little ones. My son decided he would like to give every child in his pre-school class a cupcake for Christmas.  He obviously shares his mother’s love of cakes ;)

He chose vanilla flavour for the cakes.  I suggested the green buttercream to create Christmas trees, Jake was quite certain that the girls in his class would prefer to have pink or red icing as green is apparently a “boys colour”.  With my new Kitchen Aid mixer just waiting to be used, we got to work.  With the vanilla cakes cooked and cooled, the cakes were decorated with green and red butterc ream and cashous to make beautiful little Christmas trees.  We made a few bigger cupcakes decorated the same way for his teachers.  Cakes looked and tasted great and were a hit with pre-school!  What a lovely way to say Merry Christmas!

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