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Butterfly & Big Truck

When I was first getting into cake decorating, I was keen to get a lot of practise.  So when a friend of mine’s daughter was having a birthday party, I offered my services of making the birthday cake.  I was very excited when she accepted.  Also, not having any girls myself, it was a great chance to make a “girly” cake.  Thanks Donna!

Butterfly Cake For a little girl’s 3rd birthday, the options were endless.  We decided on butterflies and pink.  The main cake was milk chocolate mud cake covered with ganache and fondant.  I shaped this cake from a square.  For decorations around the cake, I made little insects: bees, lady beetles, caterpillars, along with some little flowers and placed all around the cake.  The writing was done using purchased gel icing.
Butterfly Cupcakes I made some cupcakes for Scarlett also which were white chocolate mud iced with pink strawberry buttercream.  I topped them with some hand made butterflies and a few sprinkles.  I was pleased with the end result and they are still now one of my favourite cupcakes!
Big Truck I was over the moon when Donna asked me to make a cake for her son’s 2nd birthday in December last year.  So now for a little boy’s cake.  My direction was that Bailey likes big trucks and smarties, so I went with that.  Since Scarlett’s cake was a hit we again went with a milk chocolate mud cake covered with ganache and fondant, shaped as a truck – again, I shaped this cake myself from a square cake.  I put smarties in the back of the truck and used coloured fondant and letter cutters for the wording and number signs.

I hope that Scarlett and Bailey both enjoyed their cakes!

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Christee-Lee just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous cake. It was truly more than wonderful. I have had a few enquiries and will send them your way with a huge recommendation. Thanks again.

Love the cake, the theme is a great talking point but more importantly the cake is so nice
Damian, Mudgee

Cake was a huge success. We all loved it & the flavour was to die for. It was so good to look at that it seemed a shame to cut into it! Everyone wanted to know who made it. Richy kept the boat and contents and fish as a souvenir. So again, a big thanks. You did a wonderful job.
Erin , Mudgee

Your cupcakes are awesome!