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A work mates birthday cupcakes


Birthday Cup Cakes A work mate of mine was celebrating her birthday so I decided to make a cake for her.  Not having too much time, I opted for cupcakes.  Now…..which ones??? After alot of thinking of healthy/non healthy, of course, I decided non healthy…it is a birthday after all!! ;)  White Chocolate Mud it is then

 I was after some nice bright colours so went with purple and yellow.  I made alternate yellow case with purple buttercream flavoured with a touch of strawberry essence (boysenberry essence would have been perfect here but unfortunately I didn’t have any – it’s definately on the list for my next order!!) and purple case with yellow buttercream with a touch of lemon essence. Yum! I used two different piping nozzles for each colour for effect and topped each one with coloured cachous. She was very happy with  her cupcakes and quite happily shared them around with all at work.  She was ever so thankful!  Hope your day was wonderful Bori!!

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Love the cake, the theme is a great talking point but more importantly the cake is so nice
Damian, Mudgee

Thankyou so much Christee-lee, our wedding cake so perfect and delicious and well worth the wait. We were hanging out for dessert all day! Can't wait for an excuse to order another !

Cake was a huge success. We all loved it & the flavour was to die for. It was so good to look at that it seemed a shame to cut into it! Everyone wanted to know who made it. Richy kept the boat and contents and fish as a souvenir. So again, a big thanks. You did a wonderful job.
Erin , Mudgee

Thank you so much again for creating our dream cake. It was absolutely perfect and tasted delicious!