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Hi, I’m Christee-Lee Brakel and I love to cook.
Like most of you, I prepare daily meals not only for myself but for my family. Sure at times it can be a chore, however it can also be very self rewarding putting together meals that please others and challenging to keep them varied while also adding new taste experiences. I am self taught with much influence from books, friends and family recipes, many of which can be found on
http://brakel.com.au/food . 
My passion for cooking has lead to making birthday cakes and novelty cakes for the kids, and expanded into other decorative cakes and cake desserts. Like with other dishes I prefer to make all my cakes from scratch including the decorations.  I get great satisfaction from cake decorating.  I love seeing the end result after hours of hard work and effort and the joy that a sweet treat can give to a person.  That smile provides indescribable satisfaction :)

With increasing interest from others in my cakes, and the help of my husband I am proud to bring to you my new website Christee-Lee Cakes. Feel free to browse, comment, or contact me via the “contact form”.  You can also follow me on Facebook and Flickr.

I am based in Mudgee NSW.

Happy Caking all and enjoy a life of sweetness! xx

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Thank you so much again for creating our dream cake. It was absolutely perfect and tasted delicious!

Thankyou so much Christee-lee, our wedding cake so perfect and delicious and well worth the wait. We were hanging out for dessert all day! Can't wait for an excuse to order another !

Cake was a huge success. We all loved it & the flavour was to die for. It was so good to look at that it seemed a shame to cut into it! Everyone wanted to know who made it. Richy kept the boat and contents and fish as a souvenir. So again, a big thanks. You did a wonderful job.
Erin , Mudgee

Christee-Lee just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous cake. It was truly more than wonderful. I have had a few enquiries and will send them your way with a huge recommendation. Thanks again.